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LEDLightOne specializes in R&D, manufacturing, supply and after-sales services for residential and commercial applications. Our LED bulbs are ideal for residential, commercial or industrial environments. With more than 10 years of experience, we are constantly striving to provide the best customer service at a favorable price. LEDLightOne is a trusted manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler and trader of LED Lighting. Our LED bulbs are ideal for CFL, halogen, incandescent and various lamp holders, including medium-..
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Request a free sample   For fair business and testing purpose,we can provide the free LED light bulb sample to you.  1.Sample fee is prepaid. But if the next order quantity can sum up to 200 pieces, we will refund the sample fee to you by the new order. 2. Please provide the information (e.g, SKU number, product detail, company, address,etc) by the email(info@bonluxled.com) to us.

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