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About us

▶ Who we are
LEDLIGHTONE specialise in the R&D, manufacture, supply and after service of both residential use and commercial applications. Our LED lights are ideal in residential, commercial or industrial settings. With over 10 years' experience, an ongoing commitment to offer the best customer service, excellent prices and a company that is constantly growing, LEDLIGHTONE is seen as a leader in the specialised field of LED technology.

▶ What we do 
We are passionate about the science and perfection of LED lighting. All of our LED lighting delivers exceptional performance, energy efficiency and long life. We are dedicated to serving your decorative indoor and outdoor lighting needs.

▶ Why Ledlightone
We will Keep defining the future with top-grade and brilliant light , and provide more cost-effective, affordable and environmentally friendly to our partners and customers.


Welcome to LEDLIGHTONE anytime. We will continue defining the future with top-grade, brilliant light that's cost-effective, affordable and environmentally responsible.